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How Pythonista Changed My Workflow

A couple of months ago, I decided to start learning Python.

I say because, as a hobby to fit in between my personal schedule and work for the site, learning the language is still very much a work in progress. I hope I get to an acceptable level of knowledge someday. Coming from AppleScript, another language I started researching and playing with earlier this year, the great thing about Python is that it surprisingly easy coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s to pick up and understand.

But this article isn strictly about Python. Soon after I took my decision to (slowly) learn my way around it, I asked my friend Gabe Weatherhead about possible options to write and execute Python scripts on iOS. Thanks to Gabe recommendation coque samsung note gt 7000 I installed , and coque samsung s7 edge verre de vin this app has completely changed my iOS workflow.

The iOS Workflow

A bit of backstory first.

The fact that I immediately wondered whether it be possible to Python on iOS shouldn be a surprise. For the past 12 months, due to changes in my personal schedule, I been forced to rethink my workflow entirely. With a focus on plain text and , I set out to find ways to ensure I would coque silicone s6 samsung be able to get work done on iOS devices without limitations. I wanted to get the need a Mac for this daily problem out of the equation; I wanted to be able to do the same work on all my devices. I wanted to automate tedious tasks I was doing every day; ultimately, I consolidated my workflow around devices and software I trust to get work done for me. I wanted the best for me.

I got coque samsung note 8 blanc a 3G iPad with Retina display, so I could put less strain on my eyesight and work from anywhere independently of availability of WiFi hotspots; I got a 32 GB model so I could comfortably cache music and podcast episodes on it. I upgraded my iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5, as I knew the improved cellular options and new antenna would let me get a signal in places such as hospital corridors where I knew I wouldn be able to work with 3G.[2]

I didn get the best options available for iOS devices: I bought coque huawei 1 the models that I knew wouldn let me down in case of necessity.

From a software standpoint, I got rid of apps that I wasn using regularly or that coque 360 iphone xs hadn been updated in a long time. If I were to reconstruct my workflow and therefore, indirectly, my income on a solid software foundation, I coque samsung s7 golf needed to do so with developers I could trust. I picked my weapons carefully: I realized coque a rabat samsung s5 mini plain text was my preferred way of writing andmy favorite cloud filesystem, so I combined them. It also helped that the /plain text community coque samsung galaxy s7 captain america is fervent, passionate, and active. I chose iCloud to sync my personal information and settings for apps that support it, such as Downcast or Due. I understood that Evernote wasn meant to be aeditor, so I started using it for what it really great at: collecting rich notes with images and other reference material.

Curating apps that enhance my workflow and finding software I can trust with coque samsung galaxy s5 attrape reve my data isn simply my job as a it an investment for the future of my business. The fact that I take pleasure out of writing about software is a different matter.

I was all set up: I had my plain text workflow with , everything else in Evernote, my podcasts and music synced and cached. I had a few games, Twitter clients with sync, communication with my team happening through iMessage. I surprised I didn think of hooking up my car with the cloud, honestly. [3]

The experiment failed miserably. I started taking the iPad with me to write and publish posts for MacStories, but I was constantly reaching out to my MacBook Air coque bts samsung s6 edge in the other bag. So I stopped carrying the MacBook altogether: too bad one day I had to post a piece of news quickly, and got stuck on creating and uploading coque iphone 8 en dur the image I needed for the article.

I spent entire weeks thinking about how to solve the issue. Eventually, I came to the realization that I didn need more apps, I needed a system to automate iOS. I was missing the little scripts and shortcuts and macros that, for power users, coque miroir samsung galaxy s7 make OS X computers powerful machines to get work done quickly and efficiently. I coque samsung s7 was missing my automation setup: my Keyboard Maestro, my Alfred, my Hazel. Little things quickly add up:links take longer to put together[4] and screenshots don come out like I want them to. Losing all my scripts and macros in the transition to iOS meant I could only do some things, and not as fast as I would on a Mac. I needed to fix it.

I turned to my friend Gabe. Over at Macdrifter, Gabe writes about and iOS related material with a slant towards the technical Macdrifter is, by coque iphone 8 vert fonce far, my favorite tech/indie blog of 2012: coque silicone couleur samsung s6 Gabe doesn write rumors or linkbait; he links to stuff he finds interesting and only reviews software he actually uses. Even better, he comes up with tips and workflows that are very specific (the so called but also incredibly useful.

Initially, Gabe coque huawei pro introduced me to Nebulous Notes, atext editor that works withand has support coque huawei p9 for macros. It has become my default text editor after a couple of weeks of experiments. This is the result of fine tuning the app to my own needs.

Later, I pinged Gabe about my interest in Python, and he suggested I take a look at , developed by Ole Zorn. I glad I did:has profoundly changed the way I approach iOS devices when I coque iphone 8 plus silicone double face know that work needs to be done. I not afraid to leave my MacBook at home; in fact, several of the posts published on MacStories in the past month have been produced entirely from an iPad. As far as iOS is concerned, the biggest change was Nebulous Notes, which, like I said, altered my perception of iOS text editors thanks to macros. If I need to write a blog coque s7 edge samsung carte post on the iPad or iPhone, I can use any other app…

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