Stroud, a member of an alleged counterfeit ring who

Troy Stroud, 41, a member of a sophisticated California counterfeit ring, pleaded guilty this month to federal charges of conspiracy to forge counterfeit currency and distribute counterfeit currency. Stroud, a member of an alleged counterfeit ring who are suspected of making from $5 million to $6 million in counterfeiting bills over the past two years, was arrested along with other members of the ring by the Secret Service in May. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California, the five men were arrested in a counterfeit currency operation that used inkjet and laser printers to produce millions of dollars in bogus $100 and $20 bills..

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3. Do the parties understand the likely time line and sequence of events in the divorce proceeding? Depending upon a variety of factors and the number of pending cases on the divorce court’s docket, time frames may vary. Are there adequate provisions for intervening expenses? Does one spouse have control of financial records, bank accounts, vehicle titles and other assets? Should the court be petitioned to require the sharing of assets and information.

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